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The way we live is unsustainable. From the way we consume materials to how we interact with nature, if we continue living life the way we are we will create a planet that is uninhabitable for us. Inequality within society is growing and without adapting the economy, for all our technological capabilities, we are heading down a path that will eventually lead to ruin.

That’s why we must put sustainability at the heart of the economy, the environment and society. Without considering the sustainability – over the short and long term – of anything from some of our most basic, daily actions to those that will affect countries, continents or the entire world, then our time on this planet could become increasingly precarious.

Think Sustainability is a site to inform, educate and encourage; there is so much that we can all do to create a sustainable planet for all and it’s a lot easier to make change than you may realise. Each week there will be a new blog looking at an aspect of sustainability and sustainable development. We are also active on Instagram and Twitter if you want to follow us there too!

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