It’s been a while.

Having moved out to Perth, Australia, to study for a Masters in Sustainable Development 7 months ago, spending time with visiting family through June and July was special and definitely a focus of my time. Also, taking a couple of weeks to settle into my second semester of university and a new job has meant Think Sustainability has been put to one side recently. But now it’s back.


With four months left of 2017 and sustainability issues always becoming more and more important, there’s a lot of content to be shared and communicated; things that aren’t always reported on in the mainstream media. So what should you expect for the rest of 2017?

I will try my best to post at least three times a week, hopefully a number of shorter pieces more often! There’s so much happening in terms of sustainability, it’s exciting to see and write about, and I hope it’s enjoyable to read.

Individual countries, cities and many multinational businesses are doing amazing things to help build a sustainable future for themselves and people all over the world. Every Wednesday there will be a post on what cities around the world are doing to become more sustainable. With more people now living in urban areas compared to rural areas, globally, what happens in our global cities is increasingly important as population increases. Multinational businesses will also get there time in the spotlight as what they are also doing to become increasingly sustainable has an effect on all of us and nations all over the world.

I am also hoping that before the end of 2017 I will have another name or two to add to the ‘Who we are’ page of Think Sustainability, as well as some guest blogs from friends, as well as those who just wish to get involved. There will certainly be lots to keep this page interesting!

I hope you continue to enjoy what I post! Please feel free to like, comment, share, show friends and family, and ask questions you may have! Thanks!


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