Day four of the COP23 climate conference is the Young and Future Generations Day. It was a day for the younger generations to plea their case into why action on climate change is needed. After all, it will be the current young and future generations that will be experiencing the impacts of climate change.

A number of events were held between the Bula and Bonn zones, giving young people from all over the world a chance to have their voices heard and learn ways that they can take sustainable practices back to their home countries to become leaders in implementing the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals.



Long-term planning needs the engagement and involvement of young people. It is their world that our actions of today are shaping and right now current governments are leaving them with many more problems than solutions. The opportunity that the UNFCCC gives young people is vital in developing the leaders that are needed for the future.

However, from the young generations to the current generations leading nations all over the world, the first Friday of COP23 brings a number of world leaders to the COP23 climate conference for Energy Day at COP23!

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