When it comes to the climate crisis we seem to be bombarded with news on just how bad things are. Whether it’s in a national news programme or all over Twitter, it seems almost inescapable and can lead to eco-anxiety and the feeling that there’s nothing we can do. But there are good new stories that are easily missed, and here are 3 from the last week!

Wimbledon Aces it With Reusables!

In previous years, organisers at Wimbledon have taken big steps forward in cutting down the amount of single-use plastic items that are used by providing visitors with reusable cups. Now, they’ve gone a step further and will provide all players with reusable cups that they can refill whilst on court!

Working with Evian, all players will have access to water points in changing rooms, on the practice courts and even during games with taps linked to the back of the umpire’s chair, completely removing the need for a constant supply of single use plastic bottles!

Barrett Homes Recharging Points!

With an increasing number of electric vehicles now on the road and 80% of EV charging taking place at home, ensuring that the infrastructure is in place to allow people to charge at home is vital. Since 2018, the UK house builder Barratt Homes have installed around 3,000 home charging points but they have now reached an agreement with Pod Point to provide charging points to all new homes for the next two years!

Investing in Peat Protection!

Peatlands are vitally important for storing carbon as well as absorbing it from the atmosphere. Through the extraction of peat, which up until recently was used in compost and fertiliser, tonnes and tonnes of carbon is released into the atmosphere and the ability of the natural environment to absorb is dramatically reduced.

In an attempt to reverse this and improve the quality of peatlands in the UK, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has committed £7.5m on two pilot schemes that will restore peatlands, conserve wildlife and help store the UK’s future carbon emissions. This level of investment has been rare in the past, but investment of this kind is a huge step forward in the protection and conservation of the UK’s natural environment!

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