When it comes to the climate crisis we seem to be bombarded with news on just how bad things are. Whether it’s in a national news programme or all over Twitter, it seems almost inescapable and can lead to eco-anxiety and the feeling that there’s nothing we can do. But there are good new stories that are easily missed, and here are 3 from the last week!

First Green Methanol Voyage!

Emissions from international shipping are currently approximately 3% of the global total emissions but that share is expected to rise further in the near future without major changes to the industry. Finding a more sustainable fuel that produces fewer emissions and much less air and sea pollution would be a major step forward for an industry that will continue to be vital.

Green ethanol, a product that does still have its environmental challenges, is being used as an alternative fuel to the usual fossil fuels for the voyage from Korea to Europe for its naming ceremony. The hope is that this will be a viable solution that can be rolled out on a wider scale and dramatically reduce emissions in the shipping industry.

It’s believed that the move to ethanol will reduce emissions across the lifecycle greenhouse emissions in comparison to fossil fuels by 65%. That step forward would be huge for the industry, and if this sail is a success could bring about that step forward even sooner!

New UK-based Tech Trade-In Service!

Tech waste is a huge problem globally. The current culture of owning a phone for a couple of years, usually on a contract only to get a new phone at the end of that contract – even if your phone was working perfectly fine – is becoming more and more regular with only a few trade-in schemes available. These phones are often only recycled, not reused.

A new scheme operated by Back Market allows people to trade their phones in and refurbish them. Launching in the UK, millions of people would have the opportunity to make money on their phones they no longer need and sell them on as refurbished second-hand phones. In recent years, refurbished phone sales have increased 20% year-on-year and are expected to increase further with the rising cost of living, as well as better opportunities to live more sustainably.

Butterfly Population Boost!

Red Admiral butterflies are some of the most recognisable insects in the UK, fluttering around our gardens and the natural environment each summer after their migration from the warmer winter climate of north Africa. With warmer winters here in the UK, fewer butterflies are making the trip south, instead choosing to stay in the UK. Because of that, Red Admiral numbers have increased approximately 400% compared to last year!

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